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Smart Watch Casinos?

I’m not really reflecting much over new technology as much as before, simply because it’s popping up too much wherever I turn. However, this one caught my attention, it would just look very funny!

Imagine this smart watch to be a hit for calling friends, playing real casino games, blackjack, slots and all other things you do on your tablet nowadays.

Smart Watch Real Casino

When the first official smart watch casinos (or iWatch Casinos?) becomes available we will be the first to let you know. :)


Unibet launches Common Draw Blackjack Live (NetEnt)

Common Draw BJ NetentHave you ever wanted to play online blackjack, but couldn’t because the digital tables were full of other players? Swedish online game designer, Net Entertainment, has put a stop to that problem now, with their brand new online card game, Common Draw Blackjack, available at Unibet Casino.

The basic idea behind the new game is that most online blackjack tables cannot hold any more than 7 players at any one time. The solution, according to Net Entertainment, is to design one that can. The new Common Draw Blackjack will permit an unlimited number of gamers to play the game at any one time.

Common Draw Blackjack is a typical live dealer blackjack game, and standard blackjack rules have been chosen to be used in this title. Such rules that are present in Common Draw Blackjack include double downs, insurance and splits. The new live dealer game was launched last week in Unibet Casino, and was ahead of schedule. The title was originally estimated to take as long as September to be ready to be unveiled, however it went live in July, hassle free and with no problems.

Where and How?

Unibet is the currently the only casino carrying the title, although other casinos are expected to jump into the market before too long. The game permits players to play a single hand against the dealer, with the real human dealers speaking both English and Italian. Should a player prefer another language however, 23 different languages are available via automatic dealers (digital dealers), and a total of 26 currencies can be used when playing this new Net Ent release.

How it can work, is basically that all players make their own individual decision. If you choose to “stay” after the two initial cards, and another players draws another card, then you will be closed for the next round and the dealer will draw another card that will only count for the other player.

The game is powered by Chroma Key Technology and utilizes the very best in solid graphics, such as high res streaming, the like of which has never before been used in online gambling. The game will also offer players hands that cost anything from £1 up to £5,000, making the game fully adaptable and appealing to all sorts of players, whether they are low, mid or high rolling gamers.

Common Draw Blackjack is not a fully standard blackjack game though, and we know this for one reason, and one reason alone. When Net Entertainment make the gambling headlines with news about the launch of Common Draw Blackjack, they also pressed the point home that in the near future, another live dealer blackjack title, called Standard Blackjack, would also be making its way onto the gambling scene. The estimated date of release for this second blackjack game is thought to be later in the year or early next year. The fact that it is titled as standard though, leads many to believe that it will be basic at best, aimed at amateur or first-time blackjack players.

The unique thing about Net Entertainment’s Common Draw Blackjack is that it allows players to wager how they wish, in a realistic and real to life casino, albeit from the comfort of their very own home. The fact that player limits on tables is no longer a problem is arguably one of its finer features, along with the high res streaming and superb graphical qualities the title has. Even gamers who don’t fancy playing live, can use an automatic dealer for all their online blackjack fun. So with low, mid and high rollers covered, and with open and shy players’ needs also taken care of; what Net Entertainment has designed here is a truly all-in-one, encompassing online blackjack game, suitable for every type of gamer.

Unibet is now hosting the first of these games, with more to follow, we’re sure.


More Free Spins and Bonuses from RedBet

Spacewars free spinsRedbet are once again giving out some nice free spins for both new and existing casino players. This time it’s for the new NetEnt slot Space Wars.

For new players (get an account here for extra free bonuses) there are free spins to be collected before you even deposit. Players from Finland, Sweden, Germany and Norway will here receive 20 spins and all the other countries qualifies for 5 free spins.

This slot game is part of the “Casino Red” at Redbet and anyone that already have an account and has played these casino games previously, can get 100 free spins if they make a deposit of at least 50 Euro.

As we have mentioned before, Redbet offers daily free spins on top of this, and they are even doubled right now at Space Wars, which means 10 additional spins… Phuu, it’s a lot of free promotions that, and a good chance to win some real cash from absolutely free money. Space Wars is a really fun slot machine from our favorite provider, Net Entertainment.

The offer is available all the way until 11th Aug 2013.

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Digital Chocolate Launches Real Money Slots

Digital Chocolate is a Social-mobile gaming developer from the USA. They have been in the business of developing video games since being founded in 2003. Their focus has been on the development of social gaming products for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and for mobile phones, however a recent development sees them launching a real money slots game aimed at the UK market.

Their mission statement is “Seize the minute”, and it appears as though, they are living up to this philosophy. The USA internet is not a channel through which real money gambling games can be legally accessed, but things could be changing soon. This Digital Chocolate (DC) entry into the UK real money gaming industry might set them in good stead for a future in USA online gambling.

Founded by entrepreneur – Trip Hawkins – this brand is the recipient of more than ten gaming awards over the last two years; which includes “Best Game Developer of the Year” from Mobile Entertainment, and IGN. In 2011 the company acquired Sandlot Games, which was at the time a leading casual gaming publisher and developer. Besides operations in San Mateo, California, they have ops in Seattle, Bangalore, Helsinki, Barcelona, and St. Petersburg. So, we can honestly say they maintain in international presence.

In recent times there have been some exciting time for the company, a number of games have been launched. Games such as Galaxy Life, and an engaging medieval battle encounter named Kings and Warlords, but perhaps the most exciting happening, is the launch of the brand new money slots. This game may not be the norm for DC, but “SLOTS: Pocket UK” as it is innovatively known (it couldn’t be more obvious what this game actually is), is ready and available for fans of these games.

There are two options available for players of this game; these are to play with real money, or to purchase virtual chips for pulls on the game. DC has partnered with Betable to get this game off the ground, and one assumes to make a break into the British marketplace. The partnership was announced in November 2012, so, is still relatively fresh. Considering the newness of the partnership, they have managed to get the new game off the group in remarkable time.

They are only one of approximately ten other developers who have partnered with Betable, the reason for these partnerships being to get real money games off the development table, and out into the playing (paying) population. Betable is the real money platform which handles the monetizing aspects of the game, and is currently a private beta program.

Betable handles the backend; which means, wagering results, age verification, fraud prevention, and other compliance matters. In other words, punters who wish to play for real money on a game such as SLOTS: Pocket UK, would have to sign up with Betable, and make a deposit to play (authentification process). In the meantime Digital Chocolate is able to focus all their attention on the creative aspects of these games, while Betable leapfrogs their games into the real money gambling space.

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Tower Gaming Fails Amid Much Controversy

Tower Gaming is not the first online poker product to fail amidst a whole host of controversy, and we have to say rather sadly, that we believe that they won’t be the last to go the same way. They launched first in 2006, with the Ongame Network, and this controversy actually started when they affiliated with Bonnuswhores. The name Bonnuswhores is pretty much self explanatory – a questionable attempt at cyber-squatting, with the aim of capturing traffic from the popular BonusWhores.com. Note the addition of an extra “n”  in the word “bonus”. Very tricksy indeed!

This strange affiliation with Bonnuswhores, saw the website proclaim that Tower Gaming offered the best online poker bonuses in the book. Tower also made use of email addresses from another poker site, to re-direct the members of that site, so, made use of spamming techniques that were quite honestly speaking – below the belt. We are hardly surprised at this juncture that Tower Gaming has had to close its doors in this business.

Towergaming.com bought by Cake and Jetbull

Life ended just a short while ago for this website, which was at that time on the Revolution Gaming platform. And they certainly went out with a whimper, rather than a bang. Although this whimper was knee-deep in a whole lot of doo-doo! The brand unilaterally broke rake-back rules, by turning a blind eye when they were on the Ongame Network, and platform, this was a totally arrogant move. Bottomless bonuses were offered to players too, and this was also against the rules. Eventually, as was inevitable, Ongame booted them from their network.

After this debacle, player balances were migrated to Cake Poker, and complaints are still rife that affiliates are owed something like $100,000, and one player is owed as much as $60,000. Fortunately the majority of serious poker players left this site like rats from a sinking ship when they changed from Ongame to the Cake Poker Network.

Eventually Cake Poker became Revolution Gaming, and the rest as they say is history. Tower refused to accept players from the USA, despite the fact that most of the other skins on this network still did so. This clever (said tongue in cheek) move seems to have been the last nail banged into the brands’ coffin lid.

TowerGaming.com is no more…

With very little left to offer members or even interested parties, and a very poor reputation with the online poker playing community, TowerGaming.com is no more. This fact just goes to show that operators who don’t play the game, and don’t give their members what they want, will end up on the internet poker junk heap. Many who thought they knew better, and have been, have gone before them (Full Tilt?), and like we said previously it is not surprising to learn of this brands’  final demise. Remember the old saying – “good riddance to bad rubbish”?

It is all over the Internet that TowerGaming will not be missed. Let’s hope that other online poker operations learn something from this fall from grace.

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Burning Desire Slots Player hits Jackpot Twice

Online slots, in fact any slots games played anywhere, are completely random games, but most gamblers love to give them a go. The unlikely-hood of winning, makes them exciting, but one very lucky All Slots Winner has proven that the word unlikely is not exactly the same as unfeasible. Basically the chance of landing jackpots on the same slot game in the same casino two days running, should be unfeasible, but in the case of this winner it was not.

The odds calculations tell us that a win of this kind is so low that the equation in proof would run into a whole lot of numbers. But beating these odds… Chances of the same person hitting it twice in two days are so low that it would take a mathematician to write it down as a long and funny looking number.

Burning Desire SlotNevertheless lightening has obviously struck twice in the same place, from the same source, as lucky Stephen W. won at All Slots Mobile Casino, on April 17th, 2013. The following day he was playing again from his mobile phone – spinning the reels of Burning Desire. His decision to play this game on the go, was obviously a wise choice, as he landed a jackpot of $24,560. The next day, he was also obviously still feeling luck, and had another go on the game. Imagine his surprise when he landed another $30,000 jackpot?!

What we are wondering is, did this player attempt to land a hat-trick, and play again the next day. We would certainly wager he did. Find more mobile casino stories at http://realmoneycasinos.co.uk/mobile-casino-sites

However, anyone looking for a really hot game, at a red hot online casino, won’t be too wrong by taking a bet at All Slots. It is a popular brand with UK and European-facing gaming fans alike, and this particular winner was from Switzerland. These back-to-back wins happen very few and far between, but we have seen evidence of more than one player winning more than one prize when opting in for the same promotion, or playing the same game at another time.

The point of this exercise is very self-explanatory, if a player does not try, they simply can’t win it. Stephen W. did enter, and he did it with Burning Desire, from a robust gaming platform, that has nothing to prove but the fact that it really does create winners. This cutting edge technology now allows games to gamble on the run, or from the comfort of their very own homes. It offers good value for money entertainment, as well as some very good opportunities to pick life-changing amounts of money.

Today players can login and play these games at the most flexible times possible, it offers off-the-wall opportunities to play games in full HD, at their own convenience. The convenience factor is key to increasing these players chances to win.

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The old story of employment versus addiction hits Spanish EuroVegas Gambling Resort

A brand new gambling resort is set to open if four years time in Spain, which could create thousands of potential jobs in 2017. However, the old story of creating much needed jobs in the country versus the arguments against addiction and crime that it might bring has reared its ugly head once more.

The massive new gambling complex, unofficially known as “Eurovegas” in the Spanish press was approved and given the green light by government officials in Madrid last week, after fighting off interest from Barcelona to house the titanic gambling complex. It is very much all about Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands company (LVS.N).

EuroVegas Madrid

The plans would centre the gambling complex in Alcorcon, a small town located some nine miles south of the capital city of Madrid. Optimistic government officials are touted as many as quarter of a million jobs could be created with the creation of the grand complex on a site reportedly as large as 750 hectares.

Fears for Gambling Addiction, Prostitution and the Environment

As usual however, there are staunch opponents to the creation of the complex, namely the anti-gambling parties, who feel that the new venture might not yield as much revenue as expected, that the figure of jobs has been overestimated, and that crime and addiction would rise with the opening of the new complex. Rises in prostitution has also been mentioned by the anti-gamblers as part of their criticism and opposition to the project. Internet casinos in Spain is already under heavy regulations in the online industry and this is the next project for all anti gambling parties.

Other protesting parties include environmental groups who feel that the gambling resort created by Mr. Adelson – the world’s sixteenth richest man – will damage the environment. Mr. Adelson has also been embroiled in money laundering charges of late, originating mainly in China. Opposition parties in Spain feel as though he should be brought to questioning over the charges, although this is in all likelihood just another ploy to oppose the construction of the complex.

Protest groups plan to demonstrate throughout central Madrid’s Puerta de Sol after doing so on Friday last week, aiming at citing the project as corrupt, environmentally damaging, and most bizarrely, a loss of rights!

However, the Mayor of Alcorcon sees things very differently. Mr. David Perez insist that the people aren’t working together with the Spanish government, and that they are failing to see the bigger picture; such as the four thousand jobless builders who would be employed in construction on the project by the end of this year. The Mayor cites the terrific unemployment rates in Spain as on major point for approval of the project.

Las Vegas Sands are expected to be willing to invest over three and a half billion US dollars to get the project running. Las Vegas Sands believes that taking into consideration a similar venture they have run in Singapore, up to eighty thousand jobs would be created with the resort in its first stage of completion, with a further 12,000 working in the hotels, shops, casinos and other hospitality sectors upon completion.

Although the protests are likely to continue, there has been no sway over the government officials in Madrid, who are no doubt seeing Las Vegas Sands latest project as a golden opportunity for tax income, investment and to perfect opportunity to get some of their 25% of their population currently unemployed back into work.

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Hippodrome gains a new Microgaming powered online casino site

Hippodrom Online CasinoMicrogaming have gone into partnership with a lot of other businesses lately, such as the Playboy live casino. It should come as no surprise then, that when news of the London based Hippodrome Casino’s desire to open an online casino site broke, that Microgaming would inevitably be the team leading the way in developing it. At long last, the new Hippodrome online casino is launched.

The Hippodrome Casino already has legendary status as one of London’s oldest gambling establishments and recent restructuring of the land based casino have coincided with the launch of their new online casino site. The Leicester Square based casino will now offer its services to players not able to make it to the capital.

Powered by the Betway Group and with a dashing range of Microgaming developed online casino games. As well as this, the new Hippodrome online casino site will also have a poker portal for players who fancy their chances at cards, which will be run by Poker Stars. This deal should also not come as a surprise to many, considering that Poker Stars and the Hippodrome signed an agreement last year.

The online casino site won’t just be for the far flung internet gamers in the country, as there will also be an app that is available for download that means players can play at the Hippodrome via their tablets and mobile phones. In additional to the many Microgaming powered slot machine games that the new Hippodrome Casino will offer, they will also carry a great range of roulette, blackjack and video poker games too.

The decision to launch the online casino site comes at an important and exciting time for the Hippodrome Casino as a business. Just this year, this land based UK casino won the 2013 Totally Gaming Award for “Best Land Based Casino of the Year”, which is a testament to the love and care Simon Thomas, the famous bingo entrepreneur put into it when he paid £30 million to renovate the property to its early 1900s look recently.

Last year’s announcement of an agreement with Poker Stars to launch Poker Stars Live and this year’s opening of the new site with Microgaming should see the Hippodrome continue to grow from strength to strength.

With dominance of both the land based casino market in London, the Hippodrome will now be aiming their sights at taking over the online gambling market, which in the United Kingdom is primarily dominated by large sports betting sites that also run successful online casinos under the same names.

However, no online casino site has the sheer beauty and elegance of the Hippodrome, located right in the living breathing heart of Leicester Square in London, and that might just give it the edge when it comes to taking on the online market too. When it comes to style and sophistication, there are few bigger names than the Hippodrome in the UK gambling scene, and many at the enterprise are hoping that that alone will be enough to see the site enjoy a successful launch and the first six months.

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Playboy Live Dealers at Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming set to get pulses racing with new Playboy live dealer
Men across the world will be praying that their Microgaming online casino site has a live dealer casino this month, as news breaks that Microgaming are to team up with Playboy – the risqué mens magazine that features fully nude celebrities and women – to release a new live dealer casino game.

In all honesty, the game won’t feature anything out of the ordinary, and from all accounts the new Playboy live dealer casino game will run exactly as any other live dealer casino product produced by Microgaming. The twist however is that Hugh Heffner’s Playboy livery and logos will be stamped onto the product, and the dealers will themselves of course be the bunnies from the Playboy Mansion. It has not yet been determined whether or not any of the actual “Playmates” will be the dealers, or whether real dealers will simply be dressed as bunnies.

Microgaming has fallen heavily behind in recent months to competition in the live dealer casino market, and it is widely though that this move will reinvigorate their standing in the market, certainly amongst the gawking male community of live dealer casino players.

The product itself will be known as the Playboy Live Dealer Studio, and the idea is that a live dealer casino studio will be created, reminiscent of the Playboy Club, which has recently reopened in London after a massive thirty year absence. The live dealer aspect of the unison isn’t the only thing Playboy will bag in the deal however. Microgaming are also extending their licensing partnership with Playboy to create a range of alternative casino games, and video slots using the Playboy brand and livery.

Although it is unclear if larger more successful casinos and sportsbooks will adopt the Playboy games, presumably for fear of upsetting offended players; it is thought that the project will be a huge success. It would seem the lads won’t have to wait long to play poker with the bunnies, or blackjack with the babes in the online casino world.

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The legendary Thunderstruck II makes its debut on the mobile platform

The day has finally come that Thunderstruck II has made its debut on the mobile gaming platform of casino games. Whilst simplistic online slots have been crossing over onto the mobile gambling platform for months now, in a flurry of excitement; the one that was missing was the famous, the legendary and the classic Thunderstruck 2 slot machine game by Microgaming. Thunderstruck II is quite possibly the most famous online slot machine game of all time, and it is high time that it finally made its bow on this newly popular gaming platform.

For three years now, Thunderstruck II has kept everyone playing in Microgaming online casinos in awe and now it is set to do the same for mobile gamers too, as Spin Palace, 32Red and the Ladbrokes mobile casinos have already imported the game into their arsenal of great mobile slot titles. Thunderstruck II was revolutionary when it was released as it remembered a player’s progress in the game and allowed them to complete achievements as they played, whether they’d signed out of the game or not. This will also be incorporated into the mobile release of the classic game, meaning that mobile players won’t lose out if they decide to leave the game and return to it sometime later.

Thunderstruck II was the sequel to the also hugely popular original, the simply titled Thunderstruck. It revolves around Norse mythology and is also sometimes called a “story slot”  because of the tale it unravels as the game progresses. That it is a non-progressive jackpot slot has never done it any harm at all, and players continue to plough into Microgaming casinos to play this popular slot, rivalled only by Microgaming’s other most popular hit – the similar Immortal Romance slot game.

Thunderstruck II’s long awaited debut on the mobile gambling platform is no doubt going to delight Microgaming mobile casino players across the globe, and with Microgaming releasing their top dogs and flagship games to mobile users, it shan’t be too long before other online casino developers follow suit with their “greatest hits”.

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